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2013-2014 And Beyond


Humble Petroleum. Inc. is one of the newcomers in the energy field but its management is not. In 1969 management proclaimed that there was a impending energy crisis. Investors believed and through a number of limited partnerships made a lot of money. Oil sold for $2.50 & natural gas was 27 cents and gasoline was 35 cents. In 1999 management purchased the name Humble from Texas and began a trek toward the establishment of a company much like the one started in 1911 and recapitalized in 1917. Yes that was Humble Oil and Refining Company, now Exxon Mobil. Humble would keep expenses low, buy a few assets and purchase wells from cash flow. This time for management, Humble would be a different kind of company. It would not borrow money from banks or investment banks and keep its fixed cost low even to the point of using contract labor rather than employees. Energy Saving was the first purchase in 2002 ADVANCE THERMAL TECHNOLOGIES. The cash flow from that transaction enabled Humble to begin the purchase of oil and gas wells in 2003. Since that time Humble has purchased and interest in over 400 wells mostly natural gas. Purchasing these wells and its business plan allowed Humble to purchase control of and capitalize Humble Energy, Inc. (HUML) a public company. Capital can change Humble from a great micro to a great small cap company.

Natural gas will spearhead this industrial revolution. Who says this is the 3rd Industrial Revolution besides Humble?

1) David Brooks in New York Times. "Shale Gas Revolution", George P. Mitchell, as David Yergin writes in "Quest" Mitchell, business genius, fought through waves of critics to produce gas from shale formations using fracking. This was followed by horizontal drilling. This has lead to a 100 year supply of natural gas. Before this we were getting ready to import natural gas. Nat gas is cheaper ˝ and cleaner 30%.

2) John Rowe CEO Utility Exelon Predominantly Nuclear, "Shale gas is one of the most important energy revolutions of my lifetime", this is Game-Changing. It would be a crime if we squandered this blessing.

3) Amy Jaffe, Rice University, "it could serve as the ideal bridge until renewable fuel sources like wind and solar mature."

4) Massachusetts Institute of Technology says "Early problems are real but not insurmountable" referring to this type of production.

5) Thomas Donohue CEO U.S. says, "we have 2.7 quadrillion cubic feet of natural gas, enough to last 120 years." (ethanol and biofuels were effective and highly subsidized by the US tax laws but were found to be in short supply and raised prices of the commodity (corn).)

6) Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA) Study that states current U.S. shale deposits alone are enough to last for more than 100 years.

7) Street Authority, "We're Floating Atop an Underground Ocean of Shale Gas. There are only two fuels right now that contain the octane rating--the power that the engines of these vehicles require. Diesel and natural gas. Diesel is made with oil.

8) Boone Pickens…If you replace eight million 18-wheelers with natural gas, you have cut exports in half.

9) Forbes Magazine, "Natural gas is getting cheaper, but diesel and gasoline is not."

Diesel is a pollutant…burning releases toxic fumes into the air we breathe. Natural Gas is clean burning. One truck converted from Diesel to Natural Gas is the "pollution reduction equivalent" of taking 325 cars off the road.

10) In February in Oklahoma governors of more than 20 states joined together to ask the auto industry to start manufacturing natural gas vehicles for their state run car and truck fleets. Mary Fallin Oklahoma's Governor said, "We're ready to buy natural gas vehicles now.

11) Energy Department Secretary Stevens Chu, "predicts that soon there will be natural gas fueling stations every 150 miles in the United States, more than adequate for trucks and cars with a range of 500 miles. Department of Energy under the American Recovery and Investment Act is funding 140 new fueling stations.

12) South Coast Air Quality Management District is completing a 700 mile Natural Gas Highway from Las Vegas to Ontario California which will provide natural gas fueling for the public.

13) The push--from every sector--to replace gasoline and diesel vehicles with natural gas is palatable, growing and unstoppable.



Companies that could do what no president can do--Westport Innovations, Clean Energy, Cheniere, Humble Companies. The EPA will continue to raise pollution and mileage standards that will outlaw engines and manufacturers that do not comply. Navistar is now using competitive engines (Cummins) because they took a wrong turn on their engine and pollution. They lost.

Billions of Corporate Dollars are Already Being Spent…Cummins, GE, Exxon, Shell, Chesapeake, Clean Energy, Sempra etc., and Chinese companies are spending 2 billion in America.

This is the Wealth Only an Industrial Revolution Can Create

The 1st Industrial Revolution…started in Great Britain, Changed US from Agricultural to Industrial Economy. Carnegie, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Ford and millions more built their fortunes on this. Oil and Steel was the basis

Witness the 2nd Industrial Revolution…..communication, information, internet Gates, Jobs, Ellison, Bezos, Billionaires and millions or millionaires. Now you can Seize your opportunity as they did.

These individuals were not rich when they started but someone told them the story and they believed.

The 3rd Industrial Revolution
The Energy Revolution
Today we must have initials for our revolutions. Remember E-mail, I for Internet, IBM, PCs, MSFT, CSCO. The new initials are these, NGV Natural Gas Vehicles,
PRE Pollution Reduction Equivalent, GNE Greenhouse Gas Emission, CNG Compressed Natural Gas, LNG Liquefied Natural Gas, RNG Hydrogen & Landfill Gas & LPG Liquefied Petroleum, MCF Thousand Cubic Feet, BOPD Barrels of Oil Per Day.

The Black Hole of Energy Speculators….Wind, Solar, Bio-fuels and Nuclear
All are exciting but a long way off. Oil and Natural Gas are the only fuels that can provide the octane needed for vehicles. Trucks use 50% of our imported fuels.

Clean Burning Natural Gas 30% less CO2, no Mercury, 98% less CO.

New Technologies Keep Gas Prices Down,,,, Fracturing and Horizontal Drilling= Four Quadrillion in reserves but makes the conversion from oil to natural gas easier.

The Real Kings of the Road
How to Build Your Fortune With Natural Gas
Three Urgent Unmet Needs and the Three Companies That can Satisfy The main ingredients in a Revolution are unmet needs.

Urgent Unmet Need # 1--Gas-Powered Engines. Not enough gas powered engines Available or being manufactured. WPRT

Urgent and Unmet Need # 2--Still not enough Gas Fueling Stations. CLNE

Urgent and Unmet Need # 3--America needs to make a lot of money. Balance of
Payments is the way. Export Facilities. HUMBLE, has production in the
Haynesville shale near the Louisiana Ports.


COMPANY # 1: Single-Handedly Building America's Natural Gas Highway Only 1500 Natural Gas Fueling Stations in US. Need for many more. CLEAN ENERGY(CLNE), GENERAL ELECTRIC (GE)

COMPANY # 2: This company is building Natural Gas Engines and Orders are Pouring in from all over the world. Contracts with Cummins, Volkswagen, Fiat, Volvo, Navistar, Caterpillar, Peugeot, Peter built, Daimler, Suzuki WESTPORT INNOVATIONS (WPRT) has contracts and the patents with these major manufacturers.

COMPANY # 3: Its Hands are in Everyone's Pockets. Export terminals, pipelines, CHENIERE(LNG)….makes money on every mcf shipped abroad as well as those using their pipelines. Humble wells are near the Ports. In addition, two refineries are being built on the Gulf to convert natural gas to oil (170,000 barrels of oil per day) that's (BOPD).

Humble --Selling near its high of 49 cents. It is poised to make the most money of all of these. It has been through depressed prices of natural gas. Low Fixed Operating Costs by out-sourcing most corporate functions including management, accounting, well operations, geology and drilling. Humble Petroleum owns 9,000,300 shares of Humble Energy, Inc.

If you buy a $10 stock it is difficult to move it to $100. If you buy a 39 cent stock, with good results you can move it to $3.90.

America Will Run on Natural Gas


2011--Press release

Humble Petroleum, Inc. and affiliated companies have purchased and interest in 88 wells in Louisiana and Arkansas.

The Louisiana wells (85) are located in the Haynesville shale area, De Soto Parish and most are producing in the shale formation. In addition, the company

has agreed to participate in the drilling of three additional horizontal wells in the Haynesville with XTO and El Paso E & P, LP the operators of the

wells. The Arkansas wells (3) are in Columbia County and are Royalty interests. The Haynesville shale is believed to be the most prolific of the shale

areas for the production of natural gas.In 2010 Louisiana produced nearly 2 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, 61% was from the Haynesville according to the Louisiana department of Natural resources...

The Humble Companies own an interest in more than 240 wells in 9 states. This ownership is held in working interest and royalty interest.

The companies reserves are estimated to be 350,000,000 cubic feet of natural gas (98%) and gas equivalents (oil 2%). Humble Petroleum, Inc. owns a public company, Humble Energy, Inc. (HUML). The companies have home offices in Paron, Arkansas.



The management is proceeding on a slow and deliberate path to bring Humble public. In the summer 2008 we began negotiating to purchase a shell corporation, changed its’ name to Humble Energy, Inc., changed it to a Nevada Corporation, and negotiated to have issued to Humble Petroleum Inc.83% of the Humble Energy, Inc. stock. This transaction was completed May 1, 2009.

We have now purchased an interest in157 wells, 82 of which were used to purchase the 9,000,000 shares of Humble Energy, Inc.. This represents 83% of the outstanding shares.

Shareholders of Humble Petroleum, Inc. have nothing to do at this juncture, but if you move please notify us, 50 stockholders have moved with no forwarding address to us. Ultimately we will issue shares to you from Humble Energy, Inc. We will have an Audit , register the shares and then your shares should be free and trading. Humble Petroleum, Inc. was formed as a Texas corporation in November of 1999.

Humble’s business plan is working, but a higher price on natural gas would be helpful. Many of our wells are getting less than the quoted price for its’ natural gas and some of our higher producing wells are shut in pending higher natural gas prices. Exxon and Shell are buying natural gas companies anticipating higher prices and new uses for this clean fuel. If you believe as they do you have made a
wise investment.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.


The Management of Humble Petroleum, Inc.

The Management of Humble Petroleum, Inc.

1. Work is being completed on the paper to allow Humble to go public. We have agreement for the shell corporation’s move to Nevada. The shell is traded on the “pink sheets”. Corporations do not have to pay Nevada taxed. Humble Energy, Inc. will be the new name of the company. Previous owners of the shell will be owners of 10% of the new corporation.

2. The keystones of the Humble business plan are:

i. Low fixed cost-No salaries for management. Low outside warehouse rent for inventory. This must be paid. ($600). Agreements with management are they only get paid if cash is available (no fixed amount). Outsource or collaborate with others for geology and other services are on a project by project basis.

ii. Create cash flow and invest those funds in natural gas and oil wells. Nearly $ 300,000 in the 2007-2008 tax years. We now have a royalty and/or working interest in 117 wells. We do not operate any wells. Operating is labor intensive.

iii. Humble owes no money on loans. No borrowing.

iv. Being Green- the T. Boone Picken’s plan o use natural gas as a transition fuel for vehicles is sound. Natural gas is plentiful, cheap, and clean and the equipment can be installed on existing vehicles to burn both. Most of Humble’s production is natural gas.

  Dehumidification Equipment—(ATTI) $194,000 in debt was settled and collection and sales of the inventory allowed us to shape the kind of company we are now. The higher the electricity cost the more this part of Humble should be worth.

Power Klean— a low cost way of removing dirty spent carbon from combustion engines at oil change is needed in this country. Dirty oil wears out engines, worn out engines spew out more carbon and carbon dioxide. Power Klean used before oil changes increases engine life by two. We own the rights to Power Klean.

Coal— we have two contracts on hand to lease our coal. Foreign companies are looking the country over to buy semi-anthracite coal. The specification of our coal is correct for the Pulverized Coal Injection process for making steel. Cleaner coal is not a dream, it’s a reality. This coal will also convert to coal oil and coal gas.

Financial Conclusions—in the 3 months ended Sept 30, our cash inflow averaged $30,000 per month. The cash for investment was around $20,000.00. Declining oil ($150 to $65) and natural gas ($12+ to $7) prices will impact this total. Natural gas prices need to stay above $6.00 or higher. Our break even is $4.50. We have $90,000 in cash in banks for immediate investment.
Posted November 8, 2008


This website has been up for nearly 2 years. It is used to update and educate investors and others about the progress of Humble. When you get to the home page go to the top of the page and click on NEWS RELEASE.

November 1, 2008

Letter to Stockholders—as a stockholder of Humble Petroleum, Inc. you need to know how management feels the Humble game plan (Business Plan) is working in today’s market and economic turmoil. Our gross inflow from oil and gas last year was 500 percent above the previous year. Humble is in a simple business. Keep expenses low and use the cash flow to purchase and drill for oil and natural gas with the emphasis on natural gas.

Do not borrow money.

We have privately placed some Humble shares in order to expedite the growth of our ownership of producing oil and natural gas properties.

Humble now has as interest in 117 oil and/or natural gas wells located from Wyoming to Texas. Many of these wells are in Oklahoma and some in New Mexico. 90%+ of the wells produce natural gas. Two wells have been drilled, both successful, with the remaining 115 wells being purchased.

Low fixed expenses and cash flow has made a:

Different Kind of Company

--Collaboration or Outsourcing vs. “In House Operations”—one of the cornerstones of Humble’s business plan is to not have fixed expenses. For instance, the Reed well was drilled with BP America. The well had first day production of 8 million cubic feet per day. This well cost to us for our percentage interest was $25,000. Their “In House” people would cost more than three times our current yearly expenses. Humble has no salaries and only pays management of cash is available. Fixed expenses are less than $1500 per month.

Because of the stigma associated with “outsourcing” due to or as in “outsourcing to another country” the new buzz word is “collaboration”.

--Debt vs. No Debt—Leverage vs. No Leverage. How do we explain debt? How about Merrill Lynch, Washington Mutual, Wachovia, Lehman Brothers to name a few who leveraged (borrowed against) their assets. Ninety percent of all business startups fail in the first 24 months. Don’t get us wrong, there is a time to borrow but you better be sure what you are buying with the money and that the payment is not a substantial part of your cash flow (say 25%) in the oil and gas business.

Purchase vs. Drilling Wells— both are expensive. A well can be purchased with a payback with a payback of 1 month to 100 months. Humble has done both. A royalty interest (no operating expense) is the most expensive to buy. Why would an investor buy a well and pay expenses? Because it is cheaper. Humble bought 19 coal bed methane gas wells in Wyoming. Coal bed gas is pipeline friendly. We paid $2000 for the wells. We are receiving $14,000 to $19,000 per month on these wells. Of a royalty interest is bought for 100 times monthly income obviously you feel the price of oil and gas well rise or that other wells will be drilled. If the price doubles you paid 50 times monthly income.

Green vs. Brown—

--Natural gas – when using natural gas in autos it provides the cleanest combustion engine fuel that we have. People that use it note that the engines are cleaner and many last 500,000 mile or hours with less wear and less carbon dioxide emissions. Many states and cities already use natural gas in their vehicles. The U.S. needs a transition fuel to get us to the next generation of engines. Natural gas is plentiful, clean and lower in cost. Existing cars can be converted to use both gasoline and natural gas. The cost now is $3000 to convert a vehicle to use both but it should get cheaper. We need a natural gas pump at every service island. If this sounds like T. Boone Pickens it is, and he is right.

-- Dehumidification—ATTI can save on the use of electricity so it may be the greenest of our green products. Most of the U.S. electricity is made by the use of coal.

-- Clean Coal—Humble owns the coal on fee simple title. Humble has coal that has its highest and best use in the refining of metals. This is Semi Anthracite high BTU coal that is too high quality to be used for steam coal. Newer processes to make steel use this coal (Pulverized Coal Injection). The U.S., China, Europe and Korea have these processes and have been in touch with us since early 2008. In the last few months those contacts have intensified. We have two coal offers on our desk, one for cooking coal that we have cashed the earnest money check and the first payment is due soon. The second contract is in hand and comes in the form of an option. The mining part of the second agreement has had a 15 month study done by a top engineering firm. The findings by them on were positive.

--Power Klean—Combustion engines have many disadvantages: 1) The gasoline that drives them is often bought from our enemies 2) They spew carbon dioxide in the air that we breath and also may heat our environment . 3) The bigger problem is that as the engine is used and wears it does much more of it. Power Klean cleans the engine so that the wear is much less. Carbon destroys the engine and with Power Klean the carbon goes out of the engine in the oil change instead of the exhaust pipe.

-- Going Public—yes, we will be public by December 31, 2008 if we can get through all of the regulatory hurdles; some have already been met. We have our Publicly Trade Shell.

The Board of Humble Petroleum, Inc.

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